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Open-wheel racing's history started long back in 1931 as European Drivers' championship. It metamorphosed into Formula 1 in 1950. Human attraction to speed and technological development are the main reasons for Formula 1's growth. Television and internet played a key role, in the reach of this modern sport, too

“Formula” refers to the set of rules all cars must comply with in order to participate in that calendar year. Ten engine manufacturers compete each year with a pair of their best drivers throughout the year. A different circuit for each grand prix, in different nations. Thinking about it will reveal the magnificence of the competition. Yearly update of rules has become the norm now.

F1 Legacy Drivers

Michael Schumacher made history in the early 2000's, claiming plethora of victories with the Ferrari car in the circuit. Born in Germany, he got familiar with the track since his childhood. His father ran a local kart track after making money in bricklaying. Gaining traction in the karting club, Schumacher was a prodigy when he entered Formula One in 1991. Spa is his darling, moving through its damp corners and soaked curves gave him invaluable advantage against his peers.

Fernando Alonso took over the torch from Schumacher. Shortly, Lewis Hamilton entered the scene. They both were involved in the espionage scandal of 2007 and tensions cumilated within McLaren. At the end, the smartest survived and did more than survive.

Current Trends on F1

Lewis Hamilton tied Michael Schumacher's record of seven world championships in 2000. He is chasing his eighth title this year. A hot rivalry is going on between the Silver Arrows driver and the Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. The two collided with each other in Monza, Verstappen's wheels ran over the Mercedes car and Hamilton's neck was saved by the Halo. With few races to go in the calendar year, Hamilton sits at the top of the drivers’ ranking as of October.

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