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If Formula 1 is a designer costume, Indy car is the ready-to-wear version. Cheaper and less complex than the former but worth the money. Indycar races are held at 17+ locations in the USA and Canada throughout the year. Each weekend, the fans tune in to watch the Indycar action. 


Superficially, a windscreen and wheel protection appears to be the only things that separate an Indy car from a Formula 1 car. However, Indycars teams don't manufacture their own engine or parts like Formula 1. And the rules are a bit lenient in the Indycar. Refuelling is allowed but the fuel capacity is 70 kg for a car. Four types of tracks are used for the races, which are oval, road course, street circuits and a combined road course.  

Though there is a widespread belief that rejected drivers from F1 enter Indycar, there is no lack of drama or curiosity in Indycar. In fact, the top speed achievable by an Indycar, 370 miles per hour, is higher than Formula 1. Indycar has already made its move towards renewable energy, E85 fuel comprises Ethanol as the main component. Different engine types can be used by the manufacturers. However, Indycar restricts the chassis type.

Dallara & Firestone

The automobile market has only a few top guns. While Germany is popular for its consumer cars, Italy is ruling the racing market for some time now. Dallara is the sole manufacturer who designs all the Indycar chassis. Tires are manufactured by the American company, Firestone. Two types of tire compounds are used soft and hard.


Few of the talents from the Formula 1 try their hand in Indycar. Versatile drivers like Mario Andretti and Dan Gurney have shined in both formats of racing. AJ Foyt, Al Unser Sr, Bobby Unser, Dario Franchitti and Rick Mears are a few of the all-time legends. Scott Dixson is the defending champion and has won six titles in total.

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