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NASCAR, as it is widely known, or National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Cup Series is an American racing competition conducted each weekend. Over 1500 races are conducted in more than 100 tracks throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. 

USA Nascar Origins

The race has its origin in bootlegging during Prohibition, between 1920 and 1933. Bootleggers designed faster cars and modified cars to escape the police. Bill France is the owner of the company and he founded it in early 1947. Several companies have sponsored the races in different time periods which include Nextel, Monster Energy, Coca-Cola, Xfinity, Busch Beer and GEICO, the last four being the current premier partners. 

National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Format

A total of 17 full-time teams compete in the NASCAR Cup Series, each team can have a maximum of four full-time cars. In the current season, 44 drivers participate. Points are awarded in a descending manner from 43 to the winner of the race. The drivers race in a circuit, mostly oval, slanting to the left. All the cars use E15 fuel as of now.

Nascar Famous drivers

The American drivers Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson are the drivers with the most championship wins, seven. Dale Earnhardt crashed in the Daytona 500 on February 18, 2001, he died on the spot.

Auto Racing Reforms in USA

After the death of Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR's safety wing woke up and got to work. They reduced the G-force sustained by the driver during a crash, created the HANS device and the cockpits were made wider. The HANS (Head and Neck Support device) prevents the driver's neck from going forward during a collision. Concerns about fuel emission and pollution are still in place. Bubba Wallace is the only African-American NASCAR top-circuit driver, which gives a peek at the mentality of the firm.

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